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About the Podcast

Todd Welch from Entrepreneur Adventure reveals all of his tips and tricks that he has learned along the way of building his Amazon wholesale ecommerce business. This podcast will help you build your ecommerce empire, side hustle or anything in-between.

Learn how to sell on Amazon and discover how you can build your business by selling wholesale on Amazon much faster then other types of businesses out there. Learn the secrets that Amazon sellers making millions per year in profit use to be successful and minimize risk.

This podcast will have something for everyone from beginners to experts. Selling on Amazon is not easy and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying BUT there are lots of tools, tips and tricks that we can use to minimize risk and maximize profit making this one of the best online business opportunities the world has ever seen.

Todd has built his Amazon FBA wholesale business to be selling just under $1 million in sales in 2019 with a goal to hit $10 million in sales for 2020. Join him as he shares his journey and learn from his mistakes to build you online business.


Running an Amazon Consulting Agency & Optimizing Listings

Every day, Amazon gets a little more competitive. That means we sellers are no longer able to skate by with ...
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Firing The Man, Leaving Your Job for Business

It's every entrepreneur's dream: quitting that 9 to 5 and diving head-first into a side venture. But what exactly does ...
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Building Out A Brand on Amazon with Mina Elias

Building and maintaining relationships is the key to winning wholesale. Take it from Mina Elias, a private label pro who ...
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EA51 Funding Amazon Growth with Payability

Funding Amazon Growth with Payability

If there’s anything this year has taught us, it’s that ecommerce is no fleeting trend. Ecommerce is an industry filled ...
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Live Amazon Wholesale Q&A Session

Happy half-way to one-hundred! In honor of our 50th podcast, we’re answering questions live. Stay tuned for answers on everything ...
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EA49 How To Find Products to Sell on Amazon with Tradeshows & Virtual Tradeshows

How To Find Products to Sell on Amazon with Tradeshows & Virtual Tradeshows

It’s November and the Fourth Quarter is officially upon us. Are you fully stocked? If not, there’s one place you ...
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Amazon Suspensions, Hazmat Products, Long Term Storage Fees

Fee changes? Losing millions on Amazon? If you’re not up to date on all things Amazon, stay tuned for your ...
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How to Get the Buy Box, Initial Investment, Requirements to Sell on Amazon

Business endeavors wouldn’t be real endeavors without a few frustrations. If you’ve ever sold on Amazon, you know the platform ...
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Amazon Phone Scam, Walmart Drones, Prime Day Explodes

Amazon’s biggest prime day ever? Protecting yourself from scam artists? Drone wars? If you’re not caught up on all things ...
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EA45 Amazon Repricing with SellerSnap- website

Amazon Repricing with SellerSnap

To compete on Amazon, you need competitive advantages wherever possible. Repricers offer that competitive advantage, but not all repricers are ...
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