Can You Build a Business Around a Facebook Group? I Say Yes, Here’s How

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Is opportunity really everywhere?

My cousin Andy started a Facebook group around a topic that he is interested in and it has exploded. What are his next steps and can he build a business around it?

Video Transcription:

Hey! What’s up everybody? Just want to jump on here quick, Todd from Entrepreneur Adventure. And, just talk really quick about something that I’ve been talking with my cousin about, and that’s “opportunity”.

Opportunity is really everywhere. In fact, he started a Facebook group just out of a need, that he needed personally. And, he started growing that group just by posting a few other people’s groups and it really is taken off, its gone crazy, in the matter of like a month or a little bit more than that. He’s added over 3,500 users in that group. And one thing new entrepreneurs miss is the opportunity that could potentially be right in front them. And, while he might not have thought about, or maybe I’ve taken a little bit longer to get to the idea, I recommended that, he could potentially start a business based of, of this one group that he started in this interest that he has. I suggested that he creates additional groups because this group is just for people in Wisconsin. He could make more groups based in Minnesota, in Iowa and Illinois and expanded from there  and be the admin of those groups. And build the members up in those groups. And to go along with that, he could make a Facebook page related to the topic as well. And then could start reaching out to businesses and ask if he could get their products probably for free so he could give them away to his members because basically it’s going to be free advertising for them. Well, not free advertising they just have to give their products and from there, he could build an email list with giving away those products by running a campaign, a giveaway campaign and building an email list which is gonna grow his list and communication options even further and from there he could make website and start posting articles and blog about this topic, he could even start a Youtube channel on this topic and post either user submitted videos or he could make his own content and he could get paid off of advertising on there and build his audience even further. And, really what I’m trying to get at and tell him is that, by building his audience, what’s eventually gonna happen is, company want to reach out to him and want to advertise to all the people that he has built around this community. So, he is providing a service to the people who want this community that currently is not out there is not being serve. And, he could build a business around that and down the road he could even create his own products to sell on Amazon, private label products around this interests as well.

So, lots of opportunity, lots of opportunity out there. You really just have to look for it when you’re just getting going, sometimes it’s hard to see but look at the things that you’re currently doing, what you’re currently interested maybe you’ve already  built something and you’re just not and you’re not seeing the whole picture of what it could be.

Just keep that in mind, these are going throughout your day and you’re doing things and you’re building things and you’re going down this Entrepreneur Adventure. You just have to reach out and grab the opportunity.

So that’s it! I just want to jump on here and share that really quick, really fast tips and information for you. Hope you liked it. Hopefully it’s helpful and encouraging. Just remember that you can do it. You can be a part of this Entrepreneur Adventure and you can live the life that you want to live, the way you want to live it. So thank you for tuning in. Have a great day and will see you next time.

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