How To Get Started Selling On Amazon Quick With Minimal Risk

How To Get Started Selling On Amazon Quick With Minimal Risk

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Want to know how to sell on Amazon quickly and easily? You really can get started selling on Amazon quickly and with minimal risk. How?  By selling other people’s products that already have an established market. Watch to find out more.

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Hey, what’s up everybody? Todd Welch here from Entrepreneur Adventure, thanks for tuning in again. Today I’m going to talk to you about “How you can get started on Amazon”. How you can get started selling on Amazon, but maybe you don’t have an idea for a product, you don’t know what to sell, you don’t want to really do retail arbitrage which if you don’t know what Retail Arbitrage is, it’s basically buying product in a store at clearance and then re-selling on Amazon but you don’t want to go through all the work of making a private label product either or making your own product which is what private label stands for.

A really good idea and what you can do is find another company or friend or someone else you know who sells products and are not currently selling on Amazon. When you find someone who has their own products and already has an established market is already selling their products, you kind of take some of the risk out of it versus selling your own product or creating your own product because you already know they’re going to sell, the questions is, are they gonna sell on Amazon, that’s a whole another story. Most thing can sell well on Amazon but not everything. So, you probably see this shirt over my shoulder here “Procise Outdoors”. That is my cousins Scott’s business. And sitting on top of the shirt there right there is one of his Decade mounts they’re called. And he’s invented these products, he’s a great inventor has come up with all sorts of really cool ideas for high end bass fishing products to sell for bass fisherman especially tournament bass fisherman. And, what this particular one does here is, it mounts on your boats’ dash and you put your GPS, excuse me not a GPS, a depth finder on top of it to mount there securely there. He also sells one that go on the front of the boat and they’re most solid and well-built mounts that are not on the market. But, he wasn’t selling on Amazon, he was selling on another website such as as well as other people around the world but not on Amazon yet. So I asked him if I could become his exclusive re-seller on Amazon and he said yes. So, I found a contract online, I can post that in the comments the sample that I used for your use if you would like. And I just changed the terms a little bit in the sample contract and we both signed it and I became his exclusive re-seller on Amazon. I started buying his products and reselling them on Amazon.

Now, I went that route of buying the products basically at wholesale but you wouldn’t have to. Want you can do it with a lot of companies is, you could say, “hey, I will do all the work, I will list your products on Amazon, get the listings perfect, market them on Amazon and whatever I sell on Amazon, through the Amazon platform i’ll get a percentage of those profits its.” Whether it’s  50% 20% 10% 90% 80% whatever it may be you have to come up with that number based on how expensive the product is, how much profit it is, how much work it’s going to take to promote it.

And that’s just a really quick way for you to start selling on Amazon. And make sure the people understands, the company understand that you’re working with how Amazon works that it can take a little bit of time we’re going to have to possibly spend some money on advertising. We’re gonna maybe have to build a list email out to your list, give a discount to get the sales flowing through Amazon because it takes sales to move up and ranking on Amazon. Amazon bases their ranking mostly on the amount of sales that you’ve gotten recently in the last hour 24 hours 7 days month so on so you really want to help them understand how the Amazon universe is going to work but that it can really work for their product that they do have a project that day that will work well for them.

So yeah that’s really a quick way to start selling on Amazon and just think of who you know, maybe you know someone who’s already selling products, already makes products but they’re not selling on Amazon. Maybe it’s someone who makes soaps that you want to sell or maybe it’s a local business that create items, they have a local retail store and they’re not selling on Amazon, they don’t know how, they don’t want to do it themselves and you can help them do that. Whatever the case maybe there are lots of opportunities out there.

So, opportunities everywhere as I like to say and you just have to reach out there and grab them. Post in the comments down below, ideas or questions I should say that you might have to see if something would work. If you have an idea and you’re not sure if it will work, post it in the comments, I’ll reply to it. Or, if you just have any question about Amazon selling, post it in the questions and I will reply to comments as soon as I can.

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So thank you for tuning in, I appreciate everyone out there in my audience, everybody for watching and just keep on keeping on you can do it. Have a great day!

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