How To Quickly Find Amazon Wholesale Distributors Using Google

How To Quickly Find Amazon Wholesale Distributors Using Google

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Are you struggling to find product to sell on Amazon? Watch this video now to quickly find out how to find an unlimited number of products to sell.

The Amazon wholesale game is all about numbers, the more accounts you can open the more products you will find.

To give you and idea if you contact 100 distributors you can hope to open around 10% -- 20% and perhaps find 5-10 products that you can sell on Amazon.

So do not get discouraged the money is there to be made you just have to keep learning, keep hustling and keep moving forward.





00:00 Are you struggling to find products for your Amazon wholesale business? This is how to quickly and easily find distributors to find more products to sell. Stay tuned.

00:17 What’s up, everybody? Todd Welch here from Entrepreneur Adventure. One of the hardest things that people seem to struggle with is finding products to sell on Amazon for wholesale. One of the big ways to find more products is to find distributors. In this video, I’m just going to show you a really quick way to search for distributors of products that you could potentially sell on Amazon. Stay tuned for that.

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01:09 Here we go. I’m on Amazon. The first thing you need to do to start finding distributors that has someplace to start, so you can either find products on Amazon by maybe searching for a topic that you like or perhaps you have some brands that you were looking for before and they wouldn’t let you open up an account. You can use the names of those brands to find distributors, or if you just have ideas of products that you want to sell, you can do it as well.

01:38 I’m going to start here on Amazon and just search for something. You can pick just about anything. It really helps to go into a niche that you like to get started in. Let’s go with dog treats. I’m going to go ahead and search for dog treats and hit enter. We’re going to start getting some products, and you can start drilling down on this page. Now, one tool that I really like is DS Amazon Quick View, and that gives you this information right down here. You can very quickly see if Amazon is selling a product and how many FBA sellers are selling a product.

02:19 Ideally, you’re going to want a product that has three or more FBA sellers because that means that they’re probably selling it wholesale somewhere and allowing people to sell on Amazon. Right off the bat, we found this one here has three, and then scroll down a little bit more. Let’s see if we can find some more with three. We’re looking, we’re looking, we’re looking. Here’s one. Right here, three Amazon wholesale suppliers. Let’s just go ahead and use that one as an example. We’re going to grab the brand name right here. Wholesome Pride is the brand of this product. Whoops, my RevSeller just popped in here. Wholesale Pride.

03:08 Then, what I’m going to do is go to and do a search for Wholesale Pride distributors. Hit enter. Now, you can see here we’ve got a list of a lot of different websites. You’re just going to look for distributors of this product. Like this one here, let’s open that in a new tab by holding control and clicking on it. You want to avoid like retail stores and things like that. This one here. Let’s try opening up that one, top dogs and see what it is.

03:50 Go to the next page, and Gen Pets here perhaps. Let’s go ahead and take a look at these. This looks just like a news site, so that’s no good. Here, we have top dog. It looks like they have wholesale products, manufacturer distributors, and look at right there. You can open up and have an application to open up a distributor or become a distributor of their products, open up an account, find their products.

04:23 Now, these distributors and wholesales are probably going to have a lot more products than just the one you searched for. But you’re just trying to find a starting point to start finding these different products. Right there, I found one. I would try to open up an account with this company, find their products, see what’s selling well and go from there. Hopefully, find some products.

04:45 Now, keep in mind, it’s going to be a small percentage that are going to be profitable, and you’re going to be able to make money off of. It’s really a numbers game. You just got to keep opening more and more distributors, wholesalers, and brand accounts to get started in this game.

05:03 That’s really it. It’s that easy. I just wanted to show you that really quickly. Make sure down below, click on the link to get on our email list because you’re going to get more awesome videos just like this one. I send out other tips and tricks through that email list as well. Click that subscribe button. Click the little bell to get notified of more videos like this. You’re going to find more videos around on the screen as well as a subscribe button right down over here. Todd Welch with Entrepreneur Adventure, signing off. Happy selling, everybody.

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